Sunday, 10 February 2013

Prince Charming ...

at about 8 years old, I was the girl dancing around the playground singing "Prince Charming! Prince Charming! ridicule is nothing to be scared of, don't you ever, don't you ever, stop being dandy showing me you're handsome" a beautiful sentiment in itself, but it didn't exactly make me 'cool', mostly because none of my friends (born in the years 92/93) had ever even heard of Adam and the Ants let alone be a fan of them! 

Me and my mother would watch her old 'top of the pops' VHS's on the VCR player and sing along to all the punk rock, and new romantic classics. 
They were my first gigs, on my living room carpet and my first education of music, that taught me all my important lessons. Adam Ant I salute you! and I love my mother for giving me this music history!

Friday, 8 February 2013

at the zoo with you

impromptu plans out are always the best, on a Sunday morning my ever spontaneous boyfriend decided we would visit the zoo, never one to say no to the chance of seeing monkeys or snakes (my two favs!) I was ecstatic. 
living in Chester it is very simple to get to the zoo so it took us all of 10 minutes to drive there, we spent the entire day walking around the zoo screaming and 'awwing' at every animal we saw, one of my favourites being the 'painted dogs' which are beautiful!

surprisingly what impressed me most was the gift shop, not because i'm crazy about cuddly toy animals or pencils with monkeys on (although i probably am) but because they had a whole section of 'recycled' items.
Including pop bottles turned into pencil cases, wellie boots into coasters and nuts and bolts into bowls. 

everything was stunning and has sparked a creative rush in me 
so watch this space!

Painted Dogs 

Wellington Boot Coasters 

Nuts and Bolts bowl 

day one as a working woman!

as part of my History course at Keele University I was lucky enough to be enrolled onto a module for work experience called 'work experience for historians' (so excited at the prospect of having the title historian one day).
This module does exactly what it says on the tin, we start a work placement in a job that can be as directly or loosely related to History as we like.
I chose a place in a Museum, and after getting a few offers I decided to go for Newcastle Museum and Art Gallery, in Newcastle Under-Lyme, which is local to my University. 

(a lovely little museum, focused on local public history and art)

I had my first day there on the 7th and had a blast!
We covered so much about how a museum works in one day, including how to use their archive system and how to accession items (posh word meaning organise and assign a number too) and how to track down artefacts on the database. 
I also got a tour of all the behind the scenes stuff like the store room, which sounds boring as hell, but it's actually where all the really cool, really precious stuff is kept!

I am basically researching and creating my own display for the Newcastle Guildhall which will be up for show in exactly one month from my first day - the 7th March!

I am super excited for the project and feeling very grown up in the world of work! 

Updates to come next week xx

Newcastle Museum Website

The Newcastle Under-Lyme Guildhall 

his and hers ....

me and my boyfriend have just celebrated our one year anniversary, (cute I know) and we couldn't really think of anything to buy each other, as well as Valentines day just around the corner there wasn't many options.

The other day I just happened to be browsing on this website (Charms and Chains ) and came across the 'his and hers' tiny bracelets. I had seen these on the Charms and Chains stall at the Christmas market at Keele University and always planned to order some for myself but never got round to it.

So i decided to place my order for a 'his and hers' tiny bracelet for me and my boyfriend, they are small straps with infinity pendants on them, I love the infinity sign anyway so I thought these were perfect. 

The image below is basically what I ordered, however I chose different colours for the straps.
They come on a little card which is hand stamped with a message and are all hand made by Roxanne Nicholls, they are absolutely lovely.
An absolute bargain at just £5.00 and £1.95 delivery I am ecstatic with my buy and I'm sure George will love his!

There are so many lovely pieces of jewellery on this website and I can't wait to order my next piece, everyone should go and check it out!

I cant wait for it to arrive! xx

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Cathy & Heathcliffe ......

"He's more myself than I am.
Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same"
Emily Bronte
Wuthering Heights 

My all time favourite novel, and my favourite quote from the book.
Cathy's love for Heathcliffe, as twisted and damaged as it was, was true love.

....and that's exactly what I've found in life.

This quote describes soul mates, and my boyfriend is mine.
This quote holds so much emotion and importance to me and I wanted to share this.

Happy blogging

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New Years resolution....

I I don't usually make New Years resolutions, I don't know why exactly, just habit I suppose.
However this year is different and I have decided to make one, perhaps as more of a promise to myself, and perhaps a promise to my boyfriend also.

You see I have an amazing boyfriend, the best in fact.
I know everyone feels this way, and so they should, yet I didn't think I ever would.
I'm desperately in love and he is my best friend, yet somehow I manage to forget these facts all the time.
And I let myself get down over nothing, and take what I have for granted.
So my resolution, my promise no longer take my boyfriend, and the way he treats me like a princess for granted. To cherish everyday I have with him, and every smile, cuddle and giggle we share .....


Failure as a blogger!

Feeling like a failure of a blogger as I haven't posted a word since Christmas! 
I have been staying with my boyfriends family in Chester for about 3 weeks and I've only just returned home.
So I've allowed myself a little break from technology, as well as having my 2nd year exams at uni.
So there are my excuses! 

So it is now 2013, a new year a there are a lot if exciting things on the horizon! 
This is the year that me and my boyfriend celebrate our first year anniversary!, I start my first work placement in a museum, I finish my second year of university and the year that I turn 21! 

So an exciting year on the horizon, and a year full of me blogging about my glamorous life ;) 

Bring on 2013!